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Its Like magic

We are two sisters with a goal to minimize the usage of paper.
That is how we discover RXBOOK.

RXbook is more than just a notebook:
👉 You can reuse it more than 500 times
👉 You save more than $400 on notebooks
👉 RXBOOK comes with a mobile app that simply scans and save all your notes in the cloud
👉 RXBOOK helps you save 2 trees per person per year.

We would be honored if you would help us by investing in a RXBOOK.
This will motivate us in creating more innovative products for you.

Make notes of your Big Idea

Start making notes and never worry about your notebook getting full ever again
Its that simple.

Wipe your notebook clean use it again

No more correction fluid on your notebook. just wipe your notebook clean with a damp cloth and start using it again and again. Its that Simple!

Use a Hair dryer and clear your notebook.

Use a Hair Dryer to clear your notebook and start using it again. This way you are saving a lot of trees and you become mother nature’s ambasador.

Safe all your notes in the cloud.

With the rxbook mobile app, you can scan and save all your notes to your favorite cloud storage service.

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RXBOOK, A Notebook of the future!